Editing & Proofreading Services

Editing & Proofreading Services

Types of Editing

Definitions are courtesy of the Editors' Association of Canada. American definitions may be slightly different.

Content Editing

Content editing includes:

  • Copy Editing focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, other mechanics of style, including consistency and accuracy of facts, addressing repetitive and nuisance words. I prefer working in deep-third POV, but can work with other POVs as well. My goal with each is to deepen characters and develop engaging scene descriptions to resonate with readers; helping the reader experience your book with all their senses. I will also work out most inappropriate uses of passive voice and help the writer transition from telling to showing.
  • Substantive editing (aka structural editing) focuses on reorganization of manuscript structure for better flow of content. This may mean moving a paragraph, or placing a chapter heading a little earlier or a little later, splitting longer paragraphs for easier reading for your reader.
  • Stylistic editing involves smoothing out language, eliminating jargon and cliches, ensuring the text reads for the appropriate audience.
  • Characterization and scene development (fiction) and flow, presentation, and logical progression of argument (non-fiction), as well as appropriate language for target audience.
Copy Editing

Copy editing is not as detailed as content editing. Copy editing entails looking for:

  • Typos;
  • Spelling;
  • Grammar;
  • Sentence structure, and
  • Punctuation.

Proofreading focuses on:

  • Punctuation;
  • Leftover spelling errors;
  • Leftover formatting errors or inconsistencies;
  • And other issues that might have occurred during the content edit and copy edit phases. 

This phase of editing is reserved for the time when the manuscript just needs a basic once over before going to print, or being submitted for consideration.

Editing Rates

I charge a per word rate of: 

  • $.02 for a content edit; 
  • $.015 for a copy edit; 
  • $.01 for a proofread.

Editing quotes will be given on a project-by-project basis. Not every manuscript that comes to me will need a content edit to start. It's been my experience that every manuscript will need at least two edits. Manuscripts that require a content edit to start, may require three readings.

Yes, I do charge for my time for each phase. Content edits take, on average, about 100 hours; copy edits about 80 hours; a proofread 40-60 hours (based on a 50,000-word manuscript). Longer manuscripts, obviously, will take longer. If more than one proofread is required, I will decide at that time whether to charge for the full manuscript proofread, or just for the text that was added.

I work on a phase-to-phase basis on editing projects because I want to make sure your manuscript is ready. Tidying up major issues through the first reading, will often unearth less noticeable issues underneath. And cutting and pasting and adding and deleting text will often result in spacing or paging issues that need to be addressed. 

I don't want a "pretty good" manuscript when we're done. I want a "great" manuscript.

***Added Next Level Value: With each edit, I use a teaching editing style that will teach you story and character building techniques that you can use to enhance your future writings.

Methods of Payment

The prices indicated are in Canadian dollars, but most of my clients outside of Canada are charged in USD.

Candadian Dollars
US Dollars
International Money Order (Within North America only)
eTransfer (Within Canada only)


Author Corrections
I will not accept author corrections once I have already started my editing process. You will have the opportunity to add your corrections when I send my edited copy of the manuscript back to you. I will not be adding content you send me mid-edit. The reason I work in phases is so that you are still involved in the editing process and can make any changes you need. You may find that some of my comments and suggested changes address the errors you found as well. Please be patient with the process.
Author Responsibility for Content
In the end, it is your work, so you have the final say as to how your work will read. But, I assume that because you have approached me for help in the areas above, you recognize my skills and expertise. That being said, I always tell my writers that none of my corrections are set in stone. Any changes I make to the text (not spelling, grammar or punctuation related) are strictly suggestions. If you like them, great. If not, feel free to make a related change in your own words. I will always try to keep my suggestions in the spirit of your writing style or voice. Where that is not possible, I will leave a comment to that effect for you to address the issue in your own way. Since the acceptance of the deletion or addition of any content is ultimately the discretion of the writer, I cannot be held responsible for missing, deleted or unwanted content.
No Publication Guarantee
I do not guarantee that your work will be published.  All I can guarantee is that your work will be as error-free as possible so as to stand a greater chance of being noticed. My goal is to keep our hard work out of the slush pile.