Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

You've put a lot of time and effort and resources into writing your book and having it edited into the best it can be. Many authors don't realize that promoting and marketing their book takes just as much time and effort and dedication -- if not more -- as creating the book in the first place. 

Most traditional publishers require that authors submit a marketing proposal/plan with their book submission. They want to know that, if they're going to put their name and money and resources into producing your book, you're also dedicated to making your book a success. 

Most authors know that being active on social media is critical to their book marketing success.

Both new and experienced authors usually fall into one of three social media categories: 

  • No-clue Newbie: Someone who knows they need to be on social media, but really has no idea what each social media tool is let alone how to set up an account and use it to market a book.
  • Wondering Minstrel: Someone who is on social media already, but really doesn't know how to use what they have to build a loyal readership, and drive potential readers to buy their book.
  • Foundational Socialite: Someone who already has a following on social media, but really needs a plan that incorporates all their social media efforts that will also boost their search engine results.

In all of these categories, it's been my experience that authors are further divided into: 1) Those who want to manage their own accounts; and, 2) those who want someone else to do the managing for them.

What I do...

I'm a big picture person who understands the individual advantages to incorporating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, newsletters, etc., into your overall online marketing efforts. I understand the strategies that will engage people with your brand and with you as an author.

I take a very different approach to sales that is intended to help your followers feel connected with you, which will build loyalty and trust, while getting your name and brand in front of as many people as possible ... through the power of networking. 

I will develop a customized social media strategy for your project or projects that will address your particular marketing needs, including building your brand recognition, developing a readership/fan base with your target audience, and using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and any other outreach methods that will have the best chance of getting your message in front of the people who need to read it.

The Next Level Experience

  • I've developed comprehensive online marketing strategies for clients in a variety of industries -- dental office, supply chain management, author.
  • I'm active on social media myself and understand the benefits and purpose for each social media tool in establishing a brand presence.
  • I worked as Marketing Coordinator for a self-publishing company and have had front-line experience working with authors directly with their campaigns. I've also honed my own marketing instincts. It's shown me a way I would prefer to work with my authors.
  • Very big into researching and learning new trends and advantages for maximizing impact with social media strategy. Just like the publishing industry, social media strategy is ever-evolving, with new trends and features coming out all the time. 

Next Level Social Media Strategy Options

Free Project Consult

By phone or Skype to discuss your project, marketing goals, overall social media savvy, and any pre-existing online marketing efforts.

Social Media Setup Coaching Session


Ideal for No-clue Newbies.

I will walk you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ setup.

Includes two, 1.5-hour calls.

Social Media Management Coaching Session


Ideal for Wandering Minstrels. You're capable of managing your own social media, but just need guidance on how to use it better to promote your book(s).

I will review your current social media involvement/activity/posting strategy and recommend ways to better engage with your target audience.

Includes two, 1.5-hour calls.

Social Media Strategy Development


Ideal for all social media users.

Includes development of social media strategy, implementation recommendations, and two, 1.5-hour calls, to discuss and review.

The goal with this is to develop something that you can either do yourself or work with your existing social media manager.

If you're looking for complete social media campaign management services, talk to me about the services I offer through my sister business, Essentially Books.